immediate first aid for Stroke

A stroke is a medical emergency, and one cannot get late to approach the doctor. But reaching the clinic takes time, so immediate first aid for stroke is important to know.

In this read, we discuss the immediate first aid for stroke. Pay attention to all the factors so that diagnosing about the same will be easy and you can adapt the best solution immediately.

Look out for the Sign

Before exploring the first-aid, firstly check out whether the individual has any sign or not. The acronym to analyze signs is “BEFAST”.

B: imbalance will be noticed and a person has lost the ability to coordinate too.

E: there will be a sudden change in vision and some people report blurry vision.

F: look at the face and check out whether their face changes or not. Have a look at their mouth, and it may appear to be drooping on one side.

A: look at the arms and see whether they can raise both arms or not. If they are not able to hold them up, it is time to have emergency services.

S: check out whether their speech is slurred or normal. Sometimes a person starts to repeat a simple sentence.

T: take a moment and analyze all the symptoms and then call the emergency services available.

Things To Do:-

Call Emergency Services:

Don’t be late to call the emergency services because without medical help this condition is incurable. However, if you are in Rajasthan, you are fortunate because doctors have stroke treatment available. But don’t sit ideally because some aids are there that you need to adapt for saving the patient.

Put the patient in a Comfortable Position:

If you are taking care of someone who is dealing with stroke, keep them in a safe and comfortable position. Try to lay them on one side of the head, slightly raised and supported. Support is important because chances are there they may vomit.

Check out Breathing Pattern:

Breathing plays an important role, and check out whether they are breathing or not. If they are not breathing, perform CPR immediately. If they are facing difficulty in breathing, loosen the clothes they are wearing.

Keep Them Warm:

Cover the individual with a blanket immediately and keep them warm. Temperature maintenance is important for treating stroke.

Observe Person Carefully:

Until you reach out to the doctor having a stroke surgery in Jaipur, do not leave the person and observe them carefully. The doctor will ask all the questions, and you need to be sure and mention all the things you have noticed previously.

Do Not Give Anything to Eat or Drink:

In this condition, a person is not supposed to eat or drink anything. It may lead to Vomiting.

Symptoms of Stroke:

Symptoms of stroke are also important to the lookout. These are as follows:-

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of balance
  • Consciousness

Stroke Recovery:

Stroke recovery varies from person to person. After adapting the first aid and treatment, different factors are there that decide the recovery procedure. But acute care is a primary step. The doctors will observe the patient and their condition and understand how to treat them.

If you are approaching Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma for stroke treatment, he will help you to know about each and everything, just be patient for a while. He is the most trusted doctor in Jaipur for stroke treatment.

Overall it is right to conclude that apart from adapting the first aid, make sure to call the medical emergency because if you get late, chances are there you may lose the person. Discuss with the doctor and understand all the precautions you need to take lately.