stages of a Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a disease in which a mass gets created inside the brain due to the abnormal growth of the cell. These tumors could be cancerous or non-cancerous.

Brain Tumor grows stage-wise, and according to the WHO report, it is referred to as a grading system. In total, there are four stages of Brain Tumor and all of these come up with different symptoms and recovery periods. Let’s understand the stages of brain tumors.

Stages in Brain Tumor:

Stage 1:

In stage 1, the tumor cells appear to be like normal cells under a microscope and do not get spread to nearby tissues. If this tumor is diagnosed in stage 1, it could be cure completely by removing it through surgery. These are likely to spread more in stage 2 or stage 3 instead of stage 1.

Stage 2:

In stage 2, the tumor cells start to spread to nearby tissues. A moment will arise when there is a mass notice in other parts of the brain as well, and it starts to function abnormally. The chances of recovery in stage 2 are not so high and not so low. The growth of cells is not that much in nearby tissues. But still, there is an impact on it.

Stage 3:

In stage 3, the tumor cells appeared to have a difference as compared to the normal cell under the microscope. In this stage 3, the cell growth is quite Quick As compared to stage 1 and stage 2 tumor cells. This got spread to other nearby tissues. In stage 3, recovery is impossible, and a person relied on medicines for their livelihood. But the duration they have is quite long as compared to stage 4.

Stage 4:

Stage 4 is a high-grade tumor where the cells are entirely different, and these are easily distinguishable from normal cells. These spread to other tissues of the body more rapidly and cannot be cured. In this stage, areas of dead cells may be noticed, and these cannot be cured as well. There is no medication that can save a person from death after reaching stage 4.


These are the four stages of a Brain Tumor. The neurosurgeon in Jaipur diagnosed the condition and reached a conclusion on what to do. After diagnosing the stage, they will suggest whether it is curable or not. If it is in stage 1 or stage 2, the chances of recovery are quite high, but after reaching stage 3 or 4, the chances of recovery are almost negligible. But if the same has been diagnosed in stage 4, only there is no cure for it.

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