Symptoms and causes of spinal cord tumor

Symptoms and causes of spinal cord tumor.

Spinal cord tumor is not so common, but certain sign and symptoms are there, which let you think about it twice. It is important to understand these in detail so that it will be quite easy to approach the specialist for the treatment. Let’s have a look at all the symptoms and causes to understand them in detail.

Symptoms of spinal cord tumor:

The symptoms of spinal cord tumor are different in every individual. But the cells are growing uncontrollably is the common factor to consider. The tumors affect the spinal cord and nerve roots along with some other bones and blood vessels of the spine. along with it, the symptoms are as follows:-

  • At the site of the tumor, there is constant pain due to tumor growth
  • Weakness in muscle parts of the body
  • Constant back pain
  • Stiffness in back
  • Feeling sensations of pain are quite less
  • Bladder functioning get slower
  • Back pain is worse at night
  • Difficulty in walking
  • You are not able to balance properly

These are the common symptoms, but among all of them, back pain is those which not to get confused about.

Causes of Spinal Cord Tumor:

The causes of spinal cord tumors are still unknown, but some such as performed affair to the conclusion that the defective genes are responsible for it. Some genetic defects are responsible for spinal cord tumors, and exposure to certain Chemicals as well leads to it. These inherited syndromes are linked with spinal cord tumors, and among all of them, neurofibromatosis and Von Hippel-Lindau Disease are responsible for it.

Apart from these genetic factors, there is no additional information related to causes. But some doctors believe that when a person is exposed to certain chemicals which are harmful to human health leads to spinal cord tumor.

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Note: – If you are having constant pain in your back and you are focusing on each and every factor, approach the doctor and ask them. When you are approaching the specialist day, we suggest whether you require any surgery or not. You will find out multiple specialists performing spinal cord tumor surgery in Jaipur and coming out with the best results. We suggest you approach them to understand whether it is curable with medicines or not.


In case there is any symptom and cause related to spinal cord symptoms to approach your doctor immediately to have the best treatment for it.

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