risk factors for a brain tumor

A Brain Tumor is a condition in which there is a mass of abnormal cells occupies a place inside the brain. Whenever there is a growth of the abnormal cell, it leads to unnecessary problems. Brain tumors can be cancerous and non-cancerous.

But when the cells start to grow these cause pressure inside the skull, and problems start to arise, and damage may also take place. The tumors are primary or secondary. The primary tumor takes place in the brain only, and the secondary tumor is when the cells start to spread to other organs of the body as well. These could reach to lungs or breast as well. The brain tumor’s certain risk factors are also there. Let’s understand the risk factors for a brain tumor in detail.

Risk factors for a brain tumor are as follows:-

Family history:

Family history is the primary factor with a brain tumor. Only 5 to 10% of cells are genetically inherited. In case the cancer cells got inherited, chances of Brain Tumor arising in your offspring will have a boost. Talk to the Neurosurgeon in Jaipur immediately, so that they can recommend a Genetic Counselor and help you to have the best possible treatment.

Chemical exposure:

Chemical exposure may also be the condition. Some Chemicals are there, which marks the progression of this abnormal cell growth. Make sure the workplace in which you are has no such chemical exposure.

Growing age:

Growing age is also a factor, and with increasing age, the chances of developing Brain Tumor are high. If you have noticed any problem with your lifestyle or feel like there is something wrong happening, approach the doctor and ask them the major reason behind it.

Exposure to radiation:

Exposure to radiation is also something that marks the progression of abnormal cell growth. If you have an idea that you are suffering from a brain tumor, it is a suggestion to stay away from the surroundings having radiation exposure. The neurosurgeon in Jaipur will not suggest anyone become part of such activities.

Chickenpox history:

Individuals who have no chickenpox history are more prone to brain tumors. This has been found out through research.

Weaken the immunity system:

Last but not least, a Brain Tumor makes the immunity system weak as well, and your body is not able to respond to foreign particles as it does earlier. Not only respond to foreign particles, but you will feel a downfall in your energy level as well.

These are the risk factors for Brain Tumor. Approach the doctor immediately if you require any surgery. You will find out doctors performing Brain Tumor surgery in Jaipur. You need to discuss your case with them so that they can provide you the best treatment.

Make sure to tell them about your health condition so that they can analyze it in detail and help you in getting rid of it. If it reaches to last stage to recovery is quite impossible but if you figure it out in the initial stages in the chances of recovery are high.

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