symptoms of a brain tumor

Brain Tumor is a condition that takes place when there is a growth of abnormal cells in the brain. These could be cancerous and non-cancerous. When tumor formation takes place in the brain, it can reach any other part of the body as well. It is essential to approach the neurosurgeon in Jaipur timely so that you will be able to get rid of it. Here we are discussing certain symptoms of a brain tumor that can help you to know whether the problems you are facing are due to common issues or something else is there.

The main major sign of brain tumor:-

Concentration problem:

Concentration problem is very common with people suffering from a brain tumor. They will not even be able to focus on a particular situation. It feels like that they are distracted or things are not falling into place for them.

Memory loss:

Memory loss also happens with a brain tumor. Some people suffer from Alzheimer’s as well, but this is the scenario in old age. But in initial ages, a person will not be able to remember what happened yesterday with them and also they have forgotten about the things happened in their past. Some cases have been observed where a person has forgotten about the place to which he belongs. If the same has happened, then there is a need to go for Brain Tumor Surgery in Jaipur to one of the most renowned doctors.

Sleep problems:

Sleeping problems will be there. A person either sleeps a lot on they will not sleep at all. It feels like their body is in an inactive state, but their mind is not working at all. Their body will feel drowning, but it has more impact on the activities in which a person is engaged.

Nausea or vomiting:

Feeling of nausea or vomiting is very common with a brain tumor. A person has a sudden urge to vomit, but this is just a feeling they are having. Sometimes they are not even able to able know the reason behind it, but this feeling of nausea or vomiting will be persistent.

Personality changes:

Pay attention to all the personality changes that take place. There will be a scenario when a person does not look at the things happening with them. In some cases, it has been seen that a person will lose all interest and will not like to dress up as well. There will be a sudden change in their personality and perspective which no one will be able to figure out.


Headache comes like an uninvited gift with a brain tumor. A person may face constant headaches, or for a few seconds and minutes, one side of the head is painting a lot. It totally depends on the condition and the growth of the tumor in the part of the brain.

Vision problems:

It doesn’t matter whether a person is myopic or hypermetropic. If they have Brain Tumor, then there will be a problem in vision. A person will not be able to identify a particular object and sometimes feels like this object wasn’t available before.

These are the main major symptoms of brain tumors. Make sure to approach the doctor in time to get the best possible treatment. You can approach Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma because he is having an abundance of experience in treating such problems.

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