causes of brain hemorrhage

Bleeding in the brain is brain hemorrhage. It’s a type of stroke. This condition is also called brain bleed or intracranial hemorrhage. And it’s a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. It can be happened because of an accident, brain tumor, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Brian bleed reduces the oxygen delivery to the brain and because of this it created extra pressure on the brain and kills brain cells.

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Here is the question that arises what causes bleeding in the brain?

Several factors can lead to causes of brain hemorrhage.

  • Blood or bleeding disorder
  • Head trauma or head injury
  • Brain tumor
  • Liver disease
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Blood vessel anomalies
  • Amyloid angiopathy i.e., abnormality of blood
  • Aneurysm i.e., weakening blood vessel walls that swell.

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What are the symptoms of brain hemorrhage?

Symptoms of brain hemorrhage are varied and it depends upon the location of the bleeding, severity of the bleeding, and the amount of tissue affected.

The signs and symptoms are: –

  • Severe headache
  • You may start feeling weakness in your legs and arms
  • Changes in vision
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Loss of balance
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Loss of coordination
  • Loss of fine motor skills
  • Abnormal sense of taste
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Difficulty in reading or writing

The person having any one of the symptoms contact immediately to the neurosurgeon so that he can fix it on time. But it should not be like that you treat yourself from that person that doesn’t have any experience. It is a serious brain disease that can not be cure if we don’t take precautions and treatment. So, if you want the best treatment then contact Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma in Jaipur. One of the best neurosurgeons in Jaipur. Has experiences more than a year not only in Jaipur but also in other cities too.

Diagnosis of brain hemorrhage

Because some persons do not display any visible indicators, diagnosing a brain hemorrhage can be difficult. Doctors will need to do tests to pinpoint the exact location of the brain bleeding.

Options for testing include:

  • A CT or MRI scan is recommended.
  • A lumbar puncture, often known as a spinal tap, is a procedure in which a doctor takes spinal fluid for testing using a hollow needle.
  • Cerebral angiography is a procedure in which a doctor injects a dye into the brain and then uses X-ray images to show abnormally formed blood arteries in or near the brain.

How is brain hemorrhage treated?

Once you meet a doctor, they can determine in which location of your brain is affected. Your doctor may conduct a test like a CT scan or MRI. also, they conduct an eye exam so they get to know to swelling of the optic nerve.

Further, the treatment of the bleeding of brain hemorrhage depends on the location, cause, and extent of the damage.

Surgery can be done to cure brain hemorrhage to drain the blood from the brain also help to relieve pressure from the brain and certain medications will also be provided. Brain surgery is one of the most effective treatments. The neurosurgeon is the one who performs the treatment.

you can take the prevention and some of them are: –

  • Don’t smoke
  • Drive carefully
  • Do not use drugs
  • Treat high blood pressure

So, from all, it proved brain hemorrhage is one of the serious diseases. Which cannot be cure if we cannot take proper treatment. Surgery is the option that helps you to treat but before and after precaution also needed. Which is to be done under the guidance of your surgeon. So always choose a surgeon who has experienced and also has positive feedback. Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma a neurosurgeon in Jaipur is one of them. You can check other patient feedback on his website. So, hurry up and make an appointment.