Brain Trauma surgery in jaipur

Brain and Spine Trauma Surgery in Jaipur

Brain Trauma Surgery.

Brain Trauma surgery in jaipur

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when a violent blow or shock to the head harms the brain. The most well-known reasons for TBI incorporate falls, vehicles accident, and brutality violence. Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma is an experienced neurosurgeon for cutting edge, give leading-edge brain and spine injury surgery in Jaipur.

A mild traumatic brain injury might cause transitory dysfunctions of the brain cells and requires rest for a full recovery. More genuine horrible brain injury can cause swelling, torn tissues, and draining or bleeding that can bring about long-term difficulties or death.

Spine Trauma Surgery.

Spine Trauma surgery in jaipur

Spine injuries result from harm to the spinal cord, vertebrae, ligaments, or disks of the spinal segment. Extra harm might happen because of bleeding, swelling, irritation, and liquid gathering in and around the spinal cord. Spine harm might cause super durable changes in strength, sensation, and other body functions. Medicines and recovery help many individuals lead useful and autonomous lives.

Herniated Disk

A prolapsed (herniated) disk happens when the external fibers of the intervertebral disk are harmed, and the delicate material known as the core pulposus cracks out of its enclosed space.

The prolapsed plate or cracked disk material can enter the spinal canal, crushing the spinal cord, however more regularly the spinal nerves.

Herniated disks once in a while happen in kids and are generally normal in middle-aged and adult-aged grown-ups. A herniation might grow suddenly, or slowly over weeks or months.



1. Falling from a critical height and landing on your posterior. This can communicate critical force across the spine. If the force is sufficient, either a vertebra (bone) can crack, or an intervertebral disc can break.

2. Bending forwards places substantial weight on the intervertebral disc. If you curve and endeavor to lift an item that is too weighty, this force might make a disc rupture.

The Intervertebral disc can also crack because of the weakening outer fibers of the disc. This is normally because of repetitive minor injuries which develop after some time. This harm might happen with maturing, genetic variables, work-or diversion-related exercises. Frequently there is no obvious reason behind why such a process ought to have happened. Then, at that point, eventually, you might lift something, curve or twist in a way that puts enough pressure on the disc to make it break through its weak external fibers.


The symptoms of a herniated or prolapsed disc may not include back or neck pain in certain people, although such pain is normal.

The Main Symptoms of a Prolapsed Disc Include:

  1. In serious cases, loss of control of bladder or bowels, numbness in the genital region, and impotence (in men).

2. Numbness, pins, and needles, or shivering in one of the two arms or legs.

3. Pain behind the shoulder blade(s) or in the buttock(s).

4. Pain running down one of the two arms or legs.

5. The area of these side effects relies on which nerve(s) has been influenced. In other words, the exact area of the symptoms helps to determine your diagnosis.

6. weakness including one or the two arms or legs

Why Choose Us for Brain and Spine Trauma Surgery in Jaipur.

Neurospine Surgeon Jaipur expert’s master handles the different neurological condition and focus on a singular’s general well-being. At Neurospine Surgeon Clinic, the brain and spine trauma surgery care Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma is available 24/7 to provide effective and result-oriented surgery. He is one of the top-rated Neurosurgeons in Jaipur provides world-class surgeries for brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc.

He offers the best surgery for brain and spine injury and treats the spine injury division with extreme attention to detail and mastery. He specialized considerable authority in a wide range of brain and spine issues and offers brilliant consideration. All through the surgery measure, they guarantee that the patient feels great and doesn’t feel any difficulty even after that.

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