Brain Trauma Surgery.

Brain Trauma surgery in jaipur

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a violent blow or jolt to the head injures the brain. The most common causes of TBI include falls, motor vehicle accidents, and violence. Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma is a recognized brain surgeon for advanced, provide leading-edge brain and spine trauma surgery in Jaipur.

Mild traumatic brain injury may cause temporary dysfunction of brain cells and requires rest for a full recovery. More serious traumatic brain injury can cause bruising, torn tissues, and bleeding that can result in long-term complications or death.

Spine Trauma Surgery.

Spine Trauma surgery in jaipur
Spine injuries result from damage to the spinal cord, vertebrae, ligaments, or disks of the spinal column. Additional damage may occur due to bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and fluid accumulation in and around the spinal cord. Spine damage may cause permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other body functions. Treatments and rehabilitation help many people lead productive and independent lives.

Herniated Disk

A prolapsed (herniated) disc occurs when the outer fibres of the intervertebral disc are injured, and the soft material known as the nucleus pulposus, ruptures out of its enclosed space.

The prolapsed disc or ruptured disc material can enter the spinal canal, squashing the spinal cord, but more frequently the spinal nerves.

Herniated discs rarely occur in children, and are most common in young and middle-aged adults. A herniation may develop suddenly, or gradually over weeks or months.



1. Falling from a significant height and landing on your buttocks. This can transmit significant force across the spine. If the force is strong enough, either a vertebra (bone) can fracture, or an intervertebral disc can rupture.
2. Bending forwards places substantial stress on the intervertebral discs. If you bend and attempt to lift an object which is too heavy, this force may cause a disc to rupture.
Intervertebral discs can also rupture as a result of weakening outer fibres of the disk. This is usually due to repetitive minor injuries which build up over time. This damage may occur with aging, hereditary factors, work- or recreation-related activities. Often there is no obvious reason why such a process should have occurred. Then at some point you may lift something, twist or bend in a manner which puts enough pressure on the disc to cause it to rupture through its weakened outer fibres


The symptoms of a herniated or prolapsed disc may not include back or neck pain in some individuals, although such pain is common.


  1. In severe cases, loss of control of bladder and/or bowels, numbness in the genital area, and impotence (in men)
  2. Numbness, pins and needles, or tingling in one or both arms or legs
  3. Pain behind the shoulder blade(s) or in the buttock(s)
  4. Pain running down one or both arms or legs
  5. The location of these symptoms depends upon which nerve(s) has been affected. In other words, the precise location of the
  6. symptoms helps determine your diagnosis.
  7. Weakness involving one or both arms or legs

Neurospine Surgeon Jaipur professional’s expert handle the various neurological condition and concentrate on an individual’s overall well-being. At Neurospine surgeon Clinic, the brain and spine trauma surgery care Dr. Krishna Hari Sharma is available 24/7 to provide timely and effective surgery.

He offers the best surgery for brain and spine trauma and treats the spine trauma division with the utmost care and expertise. He specializes in all sorts of brain and spine problems and offers excellent care. Throughout the surgery process, they ensure that the patient feels comfortable and does not feel any trouble even after that. their priority is on inspiring and improving healthcare, thus helping the patient to make better health decisions.

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